Busted by the Feds


Busted by the Feds
500 pages soft cover.


If you are Busted by the Feds

  • A Defense Lawyer working within the federal justice system ...

  • A Defendant facing ANY federal charges ...

  • An Inmate considering an appeal or motion before the courts ...

  • A relative or friend of an Accused Person, a Convicted Person or Inmate ...

  • An Academic or Law Student or anyone researching the sociological effects of our court system and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines ...

You need Busted by the Feds

"... answers any question that a criminal defense attorney could have ... and ... answers those same questions for the defendant in plain and simple language. ... an excellent guide for any attorney regardless of their experience ... every criminal defense attorney should have this book"
¬ó Stanton Bloom,
Criminal defense attorney, Tucson, Arizona
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Read also "How Busted Helped Me", a real life defendant relates his encounter with 'the minefield of justice' (his words).

Busted By The Feds, the new TWENTY THIRD EDITION, Empower, Educate, Advocate

The new 2023, 23rd Edition is now available! It continues to serve defendants arrested on federal charges.

Busted by the Feds is the gold standard for technical information, points about the law and clear communication par excellence. It's about time to give hope and reunite families. Defendants as well as their families, loved ones, attorneys and ordinary citizens should read this book.

This is the most important book ever written for the Federal defendant. Busted by the Feds is the classic source for the help you need with your defense. It covers everything from the time of your arrest, through bail, plea bargaining, going to trial or pleading out, and sentencing. It also includes essential material on the Bureau of Prisons policies that will affect you if you are eventually incarcerated.

Busted also includes the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for all federal offenses. Plus in depth explanations of how the guidelines work in specific cases: the base offense levels, as well as aggravating and mitigating factors and possible upward or downward departures. There is extensive consideration of the now-advisory nature of the Guidelines since the Booker decision in 2005 and the subsequent decisions by the Supreme Court in Rita, Kimbrough, Gall and Nelson. These subjects, which can be of great importance in obtaining a lesser sentence, are explained in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

The Booker chapter, under the section More Practical Advice, contains 55 examples of areas where a downward variation can be obtained in specific cases. A downward variation can potentially save a defendant years of incarceration, and you could be that defendant.

The new TWENTY THIRD Edition contains the most up-to-date information, including the latest list of all Bureau of Prisons institutions, the current list of countries with Prisoner Exchange Treaties with the United States, current information on changes in Bureau of Prisons policies, and important legal decisions this last year by the Federal Courts that can effect a defendant’s defense.

Finally, the TWENTY THIRD Edition contains critical information from THE FIRST STEP ACT, the recent legislation passed by Congress that offers new relief to federal defendants and inmates.

If you are a defendant or the family member of a defendant, or a defense lawyer in the federal system, you need this book. Continue through this site to see the wealth of material Busted contains and the new information in this TWENTY THIRD Edition.


  • The 600 pages of Federal Sentencing Guidelines summarized in easy to read tables
  • A comprehensive index for finding exactly the information you need (expanded in new 22nd edition)
  • An in-depth chapter on Booker decision, and the implications for possible sentence reductions
  • Chapters on Crack Cocaine Laws, Plea Agreements, Computers in the B.O.P., and Early Termination of Supervised Release
  • Case studies and real life examples
  • Easy instructions for calculating a likely sentence on ANY Federal charge, with all the mitigating and aggravating factors
  • Guidance on when to cop a plea and when to fight the charge
  • Advice on how to choose and instruct defense counsel
  • Information on post-sentencing appeals, motions and writs
  • How to send money to an inmate
  • .... and much more!

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