I'm Facing Federal Charges

Busted by the Feds tells it like it is, and that's what you need if you are facing prosecution.

Whether you are the defendant reading this or a family member of a defendant, you will know that facing federal charges, especially for the first time, is a frightening and bewildering affair. Busted by The Feds has been written especially with you in mind. It has been written in plain language so that even without any legal training you will get the information you need to protect your rights, select an honest attorney, and assist him to build the best possible defense for you.

Busted is honest and frank; yet conveys critical information in a captivating way. It explains in detail, in plain language, how the federal sentencing guidelines work, how to get the best plea-agreements, how and why a defendant should retain the best defense attorney he can, and why a good attorney's fees are justified. Busted also describes, in plain language, how defendants can protect themselves against those attorneys whose primary interest is in the quick buck, regardless of the cost to their clients. It explains what they do, why they do it, and how defendants can protect themselves against them.

This book will guide you through the maze of sentencing guidelines with easy to read tables like the one shown. It will explain attorneys, bail, plea bargains, negotiable items, all the tricks and traps you will face and much more. It even covers all you need to know about going to prison and what you can do from there if you want to mount an appeal or file a motion before the courts.

For over 20 years the author of Busted helped thousands of defendants or inmates facing the courts and prison systems. His experience is recorded on every page in plain language that tells it like it is. Topics covered include:

  • Sentencing Guidelines
  • Hiring Defense Attorneys
  • Court-appointed Attorneys
  • Bail and Pretrial Detention
  • Plea-bargaining Strategies
  • 5K1.1 Letters
  • Female Defendants
  • Fines and Assessments
  • Immigration and Deportation
  • Supervised Release
  • Criminal History Categories
  • What Prison Will You Go To?
  • Preparing for Prison
  • Advantageous P.S.I. Reports
  • Multiple-Count Sentencing
  • Appeals and Writs
  • The Safety Valve

How do I go about finding a good lawyer?
There is a detailed discussion in Busted on this topic and the book pulls no punches - "It is actually easier to tell you who to avoid than it is to tell you how to find a good attorney ..." it says in Part I. The cost of a good lawyer and issues with court appointed lawyers and public defenders are also explained fully in plain language.

Do I really need a lawyer? Can't I represent myself?
This is called appearing "pro se" and it is definitely not recommended. There is a chapter in Part I of Busted discussing exactly why this is a bad strategy. If you are even thinking of this, it is vital you buy the book and see all the reasons why it is a foolish thing to do. Many of these reasons will surprise you.

Why is my lawyer suggesting I plead guilty?
This is one of the most worrying issues in dealing with lawyers and the current federal justice system. If you are in this situation, it is vital that you buy Busted and get familiar with the pitfalls of dealing with dubious defense attorneys.

Most lawyers are not dishonest, but how do you tell?
Busted alerts you to the strategies employed by lawyers who make money from getting their clients to accept a guilty plea, and explains why they do it. Forewarned is forearmed, and Busted tells it like it is.

If I have to go to prison, what things do I need to know?
Firstly, it is essential you read the chapter on Appeals and Writs. It begins with the advice "If you have been convicted after a trial, you should always appeal." It tells you about immediately filing a Notice of Appeal, 2255 motions, etc. Busted even has the forms in the book that you need to fill out to start the appeal process.

Part II of Busted by The Feds is concerned in its entirety (50 pages) with the whole experience of going to prison. The information is vast and detailed, yet easy for anyone to understand. It explains:
  • General information about the Bureau of Prisons and Doing Time
  • How to determine which prison you are likely to go to
  • Probation and supervised release
  • Collateral consequences
  • Immigration and deportation implications
  • Going to Prison and Your Legal Papers

Busted also explains how to start the process of appealing against your conviction. There are also chapters on good conduct time, early release and probation, and the special rules that make it possible for some minor drug offenders to get an extra year off of their prison time.

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