Busted by the Feds

Reviewed by Stanton Bloom

20 February, 2007

(See also: reviews by Prof Leo Fay, sociology lecturer and scholar; and by Dean A Strang, criminal defense Attorney, Shellow, Shellow & Glynn.)

When I first started to read Busted By The Feds two years ago, I knew from the beginning that this book was for defendants because it told it like it is. It did not spare the reality of the terrible circumstances that many defendants find themselves in when placed into the criminal justice system. As well, it is an excellent guide for any criminal defense attorney regardless of how much experience he’s had in the field.

I have been a criminal defense attorney for over forty years, and have attended hundreds of seminars and have myself lectured on criminal law, and Busted’s exposition of federal sentencing law and how it impacts a defendant is concise, well-written, and easy to understand.

Though Mr. Fassler makes a number of derogatory statements regarding some criminal defense attorneys, any defense attorney worth his salt and who does his job will not in any way be offended. The knowledge imparted to defendants as to how to select an attorney, and how to tell if an attorney is doing his job are on point and will elicit a knowing nod from a competent attorney in the field of criminal law.

Even if an attorney does not do criminal law on a regular basis, this book is a guide that will prevent him from ever being presented with a malpractice claim.

Mr. Fassler lays out every facet of a defendant’s life, from the time he gets arrested to the time he is released from the penitentiary. He makes reference to sentencing procedures, pre-trial motions, trial and sentencing, and even goes so far as to list the prisons and the other programs and facilities that are available to defendants, including the drug programs, health facilities, and others.

Busted By The Feds basically answers any question that a criminal defense attorney could have regarding his representation of the defendant, and at the same time answers those same questions for the defendant in plain and simple language. The book is well updated with Booker/Fanfan and the now-advisory guidelines pursuant to Section 3553(a). It seems to me that every criminal defense attorney should have this book in his library and arsenal, and if possible should present it to his clients, or have a defendant purchase this book on his own even before selecting an attorney.

               Stanton Bloom
               Criminal defense attorney

Stanton Bloom has been a criminal defense attorney for over 44 years. He is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law, and was employed by the Cook County (Illinois) and Pima County (Arizona) Public Defenders before entering private practice in 1976. He has been practicing almost exclusively in criminal defense throughout his career. Stanton Bloom is listed in Best Lawyers in America and is recognized as one of the top attorneys in Tucson, Arizona, where he presently resides and has a full-time practice in criminal law.

He has also received one of the most prestigious awards in his field: the American College of Trial Lawyers Award for Courageous Advocacy.

Table of Contents & Sample Extracts

The complete Table of Contents from Busted by the Feds and selected extracts from the four parts can be viewed if you click the links below.

These samples will enable you to experience the quality of writing, the scope of information and the clarity of the book layout.

Viewing the samples

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Table of Contents
Listing of every topic covered in Busted

Extract of Part I
Introduction, Sentence Ranges.

Extract of Part II
Immigration and Deportation.

Extract of Part III
Part G of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Extract of Part IV
6 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 3. From "True Stories", a real life case history from the files of Larry Fassler.

A Defendant’s Story

For a guy like me, risk taking was a part of every day life. I've lived a pretty "adventurous" lifestyle, and have always been susceptible to the "GRQ" mentality. The idea of getting rich quick is how I got into this predicament. Up till now, I'd been fortunate enough to never get into trouble with the law, but like everything I do, I do it big. 

In this instance, "doin it big" did not equate to better. In fact, when I got arrested by the Secret Service, I was pretty sure I was going to jail forever. I gotta admit, I was scared. Having never been in the criminal justice system before, I soon found myself in a maze of questions and locked doors. What little I did know I "learned" from crime movies, reality TV, and my own research. 

TV reality is very different from real world reality. I soon found that I would need a guide, something more than my attorney even, to help me fully understand every aspect of what I was going through, and how to navigate through it with the least amount of mistakes. 

Once you get into the system, everyone has an agenda, and most of that agenda is aimed at you, and at putting you into prison. I knew I needed the most up to date, real world knowledge available, and I needed it now. After all, getting busted by the feds means you've hit the big time, and thats no time to drop the ball. Its time to know what they know, and find out how to get the best possible defense and treatment possible.

I found my resource in Busted by the Feds: A Manual for Defendants Facing Federal Prosecution.

After reading the sections that pertained to me, I was able to talk to my attorney on his level, and ask the right questions. A lot of federal defenders and PDs are overworked and too busy to go over everything with a fine tooth comb, but with the right info, you can properly "motivate" your defense.

I found this book to be a great resource. It helped me navigate my way through the minefield of justice. This book won't solve all your problems, but it will put you into the know about your situation so you can effectively "play the game". I recommend it to anyone that got busted and is facing federal prosecution. Thanks for the info Larry.

Mr. Scrillion
aka Adam Thick

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